Scholarly Contributions

Conference Presentations

Foley IP. A study of how non-state status impacted public school in Puerto Rico and Washington DC during Covid-19 Virtual Learning .docx

Digital Learning Strategies Across the Americas during Covid-19

First as part of a team, I completed a literature and in-depth case-study of Puerto Rico prior to and at the onset of the Pandemic. Then individually, I traveled to Puerto Rico and the nearby island Viques to interview teachers about their experiences teaching during the Pandemic. I returned to DC and conducted similar interviews with educators. This data drove my graduate thesis. My work also contributed to several poster presentations, such as the one to the right, which was displayed at the Comparative and International Education Society's 2021 Annual Meeting.


Data Driven Experience

Draft - RI Report.pdf

Impact of Language Policy on Kurdish students in Turkey

This quantitative project utilized TIMSS to investigate if Kurdish students in Turkey are impacted by language policy. Multiple regressions stratified the sample by several characteristics. Kurdish students did significantly worse on TIMSS than their Turkish counterparts, especially Kurds in the rural Eastern parts of Turkey. This paper was done during the Spring of 2020 at the height of the COVID pandemic. I worked alongside the team to extrapolate and analyze information from TIMSS data sets.

Language Policy and TIMSS in Turkey.docx